Thursday, 8 November 2007

Trinny and Susannah

Did you see them on TV last night? I have to agree with them about bras. It doesn't really matter if you wear the best and most expensive designer outfit in the world, If you don't wear a good well fitting bra you might aswell be wearing a sack. A good bra can help make your boobs look bigger or smaller, which ever you want. It will also give lift and avoid horrible droopy saggyness. I also think it helps to give a more defined waist.

I though I would have a look at the Trinny and Susannah style advisor. You have to put in your height, upper body size, lower body size and leg length. I didn't really get this at first and though the measurements were in inches. I was fairly shocked by the picture of what I looked like until I realised this was dress size. (what a relief). I was totally amused for at least 10 minutes looking at the various options for body shape. This was an excellent incentive for me not to eat that extra doughnut - if this is what I could end up looking like!

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