Sunday, 18 November 2007

Will Luxury Ever Become More Accessible?

We all love a bit of luxury and many of us spend hours dreaming of beautiful luxurious clothes that we see in glossies and fashion shows, but will these luxuries ever become more accessible to us.

What I considered to be luxury 10 years ago, perhaps a cashmere jumper is now completely accessible, partly as I now have more money to spend on clothes and partly because you can now buy cashmere jumpers in Tesco for £35. Luxury is a very subjective term and a persons perception of luxury depends very much on their financial position. For one person luxury may mean being able to keep up with the latest fashions by shopping each month at New Look or Peacocks, for a person who only ever wears designer clothes, luxury may mean couture.

As income levels and the economic climate fluctuate, so peoples perception of luxury will change. As fashions or labels become more accessible and so more people are able to afford them, they become less covetable and are no longer perceived as a luxury but more as an essential. In the past, it may have been considered a luxury to have a new wardrobe each season in order to keep up with the latest trends. It now it is considered essential by many and they would not be seen dead in last years fashions.
What I am really trying to say is that, luxury fashion will never really be accessible to me or anyone else, it will always be something that we dream of or can perhaps afford when we sacrifice other essentials. If it did become accessible, we would no longer consider it luxury. I consider the Chloe Paddington a luxury, but if all of my friends and lots of others had them it would no longer really be a luxury, more of an essential. This is why it is often an excellent marketing strategy for companies to give their clothes a big price tag regardless of the quality, by doing so their goods are automatically considered luxury.

Oh well, they do say you can have too much of a good thing, if we could have Christmas everyday it would become boring. I think luxury is best kept for day dreaming and perhaps that very occasional and ridiculously extravagant little pressy to yourself. Here are some of the things that I consider a luxury:

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