Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Yellow - not a colour for cowards

Yellow seems to be popping up all ver the place lately. In the Dior Cruise collection, yellow was shown off at its best in beautiful satins, yellow golds, mustards and patterned yellow fabrics. Whilst many cringe at thought of wearing yellow, I'll have to admit I quite like it. In fact, it is my favourite cheer me up colour after bright pink. I am quite lucky when it comes to yellow as I have a slightly olive skin tone and dark hair making yellow one of my best colours (a colours that suits me). Don't worry, I have my fair share of style challenges not least my height as I am less than 5ft 2.

It looks as though yellow is going to be making a spectacular appearance on the high street and I can't wait. For those who don't think the can wear yellow, here are my thoughts on wearing yellow.

  • If you have never tried yellow - try it on, you might be pleasantly suprised

  • Try different shades and tones of yellow. Whilst acid yellow might give you the complexion of a corpse, mustard may make your complexion glow.

  • Be careful what you combine with yellow. I always think black and yellow look a bit bumble beeish

  • If the thought of wearing yellow completely terrifies you, try yellow with a pattern, this will sort of tone down the severity of the yellowness.

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