Friday, 7 December 2007

Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel's first ever show in London

I would have so loved to be there. Unfortunatley, I think my invite must have got lost in the post. I have always loved Chanel clothes and Karl Lagerfeld whilst apparently as mad as a hatter certainly knows how to put on a show filled with drama and hype. Not least with the line up of celebrity guests invited to the show and the chic dinner at Nobu including Kylie Minogue, Agyness Deyne, Kate Moss and Petes latest ex fiance Irina.

The Maison d'art collection by Karl Lagerfeld was shown at the first ever Chanel fashion show in London. Some of the show can be seen on Elle TV. The show was by candlelight with live music and singing by Irina, the room was adorned with Chanel logos , the models were the usual top line up including Agyness Deyne and Daisy Lowe with big beehive hair and this seasons dark eyelined look. The clothes were just what I would describe as the typical of the Lagerfeld style that I love.

The colours were predominantly black, with a few whites, greys, browns, metallics and purples thrown in for a bit of variety. The skirts were above the knee or straight and skimmed the floor and the elegant ensembles were made up of tweed a classic for chanel as well as leather, chiffon and wool. The details included puffs, ruffles, ribbons, fray, beading and angularly constructed sleeves.

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