Thursday, 10 January 2008

Another List - this time for petites

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I was going to write a list of trends for this year but after reading Mrs Fashion's trend report, I decided that, she has covered everything I could have said and a lot more, so I have decided to look at this seasons trends from a short persons perspective instead. I know this is another list and apologies to those who find lists a bit boring but I seem to have been overcome with an obsessive urge to write lists (must be something to do with getting organsied for the new year).
So here it is the best and the worst trends of Spring/ Summer 08 for Petites.
The full skirt - probably not ideal for petites as the proportions will be wrong and it will make you look shorter. If you really must have one try and get one that is not too full perhaps from a petite range (if you can find one)
Abstract and artistic prints - As with any prints they will look great on petites as long as they are not too big. The ombre effect is great but watch out for horizontal lines in the dye with 2 different colours,this may cut you in half and make you look shorter. Diagonal lines will have a more lengthening effect.
Safari - As a petite you will look great in this trend by wearing a suit all in the same or neutral colour. if wearing a belt try to have the same colour as the rest of the outfit. Steer clear of long baggy shorts these will only make your legs look shorter. Shorter shorts with a high heel is the best option if you have the legs for it.
All in ones - Petites can wear all in ones and look great but choose carefully. Make sure that your all in one is fitted to avoid being swamped. You will also probably look great in the shorter style playsuits. Add some height with chunky heels or wedge sandals.
Floral- Another great look for petites but stick to the smaller floral prints to avoid being over powered. Long /fitted / straight or biased cut will probably look best.
Soft tailoring - this again is a great look for petites. Wear jacket and trousers in the same colour and ensure that the suit fits correctly i.e shoulders not too big and waist falls at the correct height.
Ethnic Prints - As with all prints opt for the smaller designs and patterns that create horizontal lines.
Block colour - An outfit all in one colour usually looks best on petites. Avoid an outfit which is two colours divided horizontally.
Floaty and chiffon fabrics - These will look great in long dresses as they usually are not too full and so will be in proportion. If you want the frilly look stick to small frills.
Japanese style - great for petites as it is usually quite fitted.
Nautical - Navy is a really flattering colour and will look great on petites. If you want to wear nautical stripes opt for narrow vertical or diagonal stripes. Never wear wide or horizontal stripes.
So in summary - if you are petite, avoid big prints, big patterns, big anything and horizontal lines instead opt for small prints, delicate details, diagonal and vertical patterns and fairly fitted styles.

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