Thursday, 17 January 2008

The dress has arrived

There was much excitement in the Style Eyes household today when the courier turned up with my eagerly awaited by Malene Birger dress from the My Wardrobe sale. It was neatly packed in a box and wrapped in tissue paper and opening it felt like opening a birthday pressy (only better). I could believe my eyes it was even better than I had hoped, the material was beautiful chiffon with a really lovely pattern, just perfect for this summers floral, bohemian, floaty dress trend.

when I held it up there was a slight moment of shock at how long it was. I tried it on and yes it dragged along the ground. This however was a mere detail and not something that I was going to be put off by. I managed to adjust the straps up a bit and wearing my highest wedge sandals, I think i might just be able to get away with it. Of course it is not the most practical and I will have to be careful when walking and carrying children but then it always has been a difficult balancing act being a stylish mum with 2 young children.

I was really afraid that my new dress would have some major construction error or design fault, otherwise why else would it be in the sales, but have been very pleasantly suprised and amazed that it has not already been snapped up. I think I will be looking for some more lovely sale items. Now how long is it until pay day!


susie_bubble said...

I demand pics of this fab dress!

Style Eyes said...

The picture is below in the previous post. However I don't think this does the dress justice. I will try and take some pictures but I'm afraid photography is not my strong point.