Thursday, 10 January 2008

The Fashion Round About

Nolia Dress By Malene Birger from My Wardrobe
Geometric print dress Gharani Strok from My Wardrobe

Flower smock dress by See by Chloé from My Wardrobe

I have had a think and decided that we see the same trends appearing season after season. I suppose with there being so many designers releasing collections season after season there is a limit with what they can come up with in terms of wearable clothes that the average person will wear. I have decided to have a look through my wardrobe and see if any of my clothes can be applied to this seasons trends. I found that almost everything will apply in one way or another so in theory I don't really need to be any thing new this year.

striped tops - back in this year

Tribal prints - back in this year

geometric prints - back in this year

pink and lots of bright colours - back in this year

floral prints - back in this year

skinny jeans - back in this year

Wedge shoes - back in this year

But, That said I didn't buy many new clothes at all last summer, mainly because I was pregnant for most of it so I think I deserve a few new clothes this year. The great thing is if I only really need a few things I can affore to splurge on some really nice things. Also I can be guilt free as I know the trends will probably be back next year so I will get plenty of wear out of them. Even better if the trends for this year are nothing new, then there should be some great stuff in the sales. I decided to revisit some of the online sales to see if there is anything suitable. I take back what I said about being fed up with the sales. I found loads of nice stuff especially at My Wardrobe. Perhaps it is because I am now looking at it through my spring / summer goggles.

Anyway I have found a beautiful floral dress by Malene Birger, reduced from £190 to £57, that will be perfect for floating around in this summer. I was amazed and very excited to find they had it in my size and just had to have it, now I am just waiting for it to turn up and really hoping it fits. I also found some grey skinny J brand jeans reduced from £120 to £65, a See by Chloe Flower smock dress reduced from £200 TO £60 and a Geometric print Gharani Strok dress reduced from £267 to £80.10. I'm really glad that there is a bit of overlap on the fashions each year, if it means I can get great on trend stuff at a fraction of their original price (of course I want to see new stuff aswell though)

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