Thursday, 3 January 2008

St Trinians School Style

With the release of the new St Trinians film, the whole preppy, school look is set to continue for the next season. I am really pleased as I haven't yet managed to get myself a Balenciaga style blazer but would really love one. Being a shortie or petite, as some might call it, fitted clothes like this tend to suit me and a stripey blazer can only help to elongate my body a bit.

Along with the much loved blazer, there are some other ways you can work the preppy trend, although I strongly recommend wearing more than one or two items from this trend unless of course you are attending a St Trinians themed party. Satchels, Knee high socks, blazer badges, V neck jumpers, school style scarves and pinafore style dresses are all about on the high street. I shall be sticking with my blazer and perhaps accessorizing with something slightly quirky to help me stand out from the rest of the class.


bitterbabe said...

Love this jacket.

Anonymous said...

You can get the same over-the-knee socks that the posh tottys wore on!!!!!