Monday, 21 January 2008

Yummy Goodies!

I had to share these amazing goodies I stumbled across whilst plodding around on the internet. They are made by Tabitha Emma , who is based in Austrailia and a graduate of the internationally renowned Whitehouse Institute of Design in Fashion. Her innovative handmade designs are sold on Etsy.
The cakes look good enough to eat and just looking at them makes me feel hungry but my favourite is the gorgeous and original birdcage bag. This would be great for brightening up and adding a bit of refined humour and fun to one of my more plain outfits. It was also be great teamed with a bold or flowery print to work next seasons mixed up, mish mash look. Tabitha Emma also sells some delicious prints, unfortunately, I have no room left in my house for artwork but I think they are well worth a look.