Friday, 22 February 2008

A bit of fashion history

Court dress of French silk, brocaded with gold and coloured threads dates from around 1770, during the reign of King George III
Yesterday, in an attempt to amuse children during their half term break whilst selfishly doing something for myself, I went to the Fashion museum in Bath. I have been before but that was 5 years ago and they change the exhibits around anyway. My daughter loved looking at the clothes and sticking stickers onto the sheet they gave her which gave me a few minutes peace to have a good old nose around.
The clothes were from 18th century up until almost the present day. Something that really struck me looking at the costumes through the ages is how ridiculously impractical and uncomfortable some of them look especially those from 18th century. when I complain and moan about the impracticalities of clothes designed by modern designers, I forget that as women in terms of comfort, choice and practicality of clothes we have probably never had it so good. The corsets do look good but I can imagine were incredibly uncomfortable to wear all of the time.
The funniest outfit of them all was probably the court dress, I chuckled to myself and imagined trying to get through a doorway wearing it. The shape and material of it really reminded me of a sofa. There were also some really beautiful evening dresses, the type of dress that I always wish I had more opportunity to wear. Of all the clothes in the museum, I really loved the dresses from the twenties with dropped waists and intricate beading These dresses really signify to me everything I love about clothes the girly feminine and pretty. I have vowed to make more of an effort to try and seek out some really good vintage clothing. I think Bath should be an ideal hunting ground with its antique market and vintage shops.

Unfortunately I missed my favourite bit, the bookshop at the end, as baby was starting to scream by then. This was probably a good thing as my bookshelves are already stuffed to bursting point and any more books could well trigger an avalanche.

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susie_bubble said...

I went to this museum when I was about 12... really need to go back again...