Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Hidden Wardrobe

I have found another gem of a website whilst idly flicking through my stack of fashion magazines that I keep under the coffee table in my lounge. Yes I do this whenever I have a spare minute- it beats watching TV. The Hidden Wardrobe sells stuff from independent fashion designers and including up and coming British designers, reworked vintage items and exclusive collections from around the world. There are lots of limited edition and one off pieces so you really can be sure that no one else will be wearing the same. The clothes are just something a bit different Here is my wish list

I just really love the shape of this Ra Dress designed by UK based label Love our stuff.

This Halter neck dress by Silver Birch looks great with the bold pattern and has vintage feel to it.
This Japanese Blue Original Tie Dress is gorgeous and handmade in the UK by whereareyounow, I just love the colours, the pattern combined with the halter neck made using a vintage tie- everything about it really.

I have no idea whether these Ninga Trousers by Frost and Fountain would suit me but I am very tempted to find out. They balloon out to appear like a skirt but in fact have trouser legs and look incredibly comfortable and also versatile - they also do them in black.


Girl-Woman said...

Oh, it makes me want to dress in spring clothes. Thanks for a little bit of fashion sunshine.

susie_bubble said...

What a great site find...will promptly check out!

Anonymous said...

This website is great! ANd it has just opened a shop in Leeds, UK, selling even more one off pieces, just what we need to be an individual!

LOve it!