Sunday, 3 February 2008

I just don't get it!

I'm not quite getting it, but why do designers often have one or two freaky looking outfits in their shows. For the spring summer collection, Louis Vuitton had models dressed as nurses with lace face masks. I found the whole thing a bit scarey and kind of weird. Is it all a bit of a 'hey look at me' to get some extra publicity (they do say there is no such thing as bad publicity) ?. Is it to add a bit of drama and excitement to their shows? Is it just the designers going completely overboard and letting their imagination run free? No matter what the reasons, I am sure that there are many outfits shown on the catwalk that any sane and normal person would never be seen dead in, except for perhaps a fancy dress party. Even for a fancy dress party some of the designs would be pushing the boundaries a bit.

Louis Vuitton, I can forgive as the rest of the collection was lovely and fairly wearable, if I had that sort of clothes budget, but Gareth Pugh's collection was completely off the scale of unwearable for spring and summer. For Spring / Summer 08 Gareth Pugh showed not one, not two but a whole collection of dark, scary and very strange clothes with pale and gothic looking models. The Weirdest of all was the funny black block head thing. Is it supposed to be a hat or something and how can the poor model possibly see where she is going. Many of the other outfits had a distinctly witch or wizardy feel to them - perhaps he has been reading too much Harry Potter. I think this collection would have bee more suited to an autumn winter collection and could even be a real hit around Halloween (perfect for trick or treating). Please Gareth, if you are reading, for next summer could we have something delicate, girly, frilly and not black.

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