Sunday, 17 February 2008

London Fashion Week - My Faves

Erdem Autumn Winter 08 - Pictures from

Overall there wasn't that much at London fashion Week that really jumped out and me or that I instantly loved and wanted. As always, I liked Paul Smiths collection for its elegance and quirky Britishness. Aquascutum had some nice stuff but all of those huge collars and horizontal line don't work for those of us who are vertically challenged. There was plently of dark gothicky stuff - not my favourite look and quite a lot of extremely imaginative but completely impractical, unflattering or plain unwearable clothes.

When it comes to the real wow factor- the stuff that gives you that real rush of excitement and urge to go and buy it, there was really only one shows that featured for me. The highlight of London fashion week was without a doubt the Erdem show.

The clothes at erdem were pretty, neat, flattering (especially for shorties) and brightly coloured. The delicate details and imaginatively elegant shapes of the clothes made the really desireable but something quite different. If I manage to earn, find or aquire a stack of money before the autumn, I will definitely be buying a large proportion of this collection.

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apple bottoms said...

Oh! awesome... i love those different outfits with different design and style they seems really goegeous in their outfits. thanks for sharing those fashion show. keep up the good work!