Tuesday, 5 February 2008

New Bag

I would really love to treat myself to a lovely new handbag. My husband has commented "Why do you need a new handbag when you already have some?" I'm not quite sure of how to answer this (any suggestions welcome) but managed to mumble something about different handbags for different outfits and different occassions. I will shortly be returning to work after 9 months maternity leave and a new bag would be really handy as the practical Mummy bag for days out and about with children and hanging off the pram is great but starting to look a bit battered. I have managed to find two lovelies which would be just the thing and am finding it hard to resist as they are such a good price in the Secret Sales.

This Chloe White Vachetta Paddington Hobo will be great for summer and is a great updated version of the original Paddington. It is in the Secret Sales Valentines sale.

This Fendi Black Borsa Baguette Bag is another classic style and will look great with a smart suit for work. It is in the Secret Sales Fendi Sale.

Anyway, I will have to make up my mind quick, unless of course my lovely husband is reading and wanted to get me one for Valentines day!

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