Thursday, 28 February 2008

An Optical Illusion

When I read up on the Spring Summer 08 trends in the magazines and found that stripes are going to be in fashion again this year I gave a big sigh. As I am a bit on the short side horizontal stripes are not great for me. They make me seem even shorter so I can only ever wear them in very small doses.

After I thought about it for a while and browsed the online fashion retailers, I started to think about stripes slightly differently. Whilst yes, horizontal stripes are not always flattering and can make you look shorter and wider than you really are, they can also be used the opposite way so vertical stripes can make you look taller and thinner than you really are. Yippee I thought perhaps this is just the trend for me this summer.

Stripey clothes sort of remind of those optical illusion pictures, I used to look at when I was a child. They confuse your eyes and make you see things differently to how they really are. So if you use stripes very cleverly you can make people see what you want them to see (that is in terms of your body shape). So not only can you use vertical stripes to make you thinner and taller, horizontal stripes to make you shorter and wider, you can use diagonal stripes to give a different body shapes for example to define a waist and stripes on one area of the body to help balance out another slightly larger area e.g if you are a pear shape a top with horizontal stripes will help balance out your wider hips. The width and colour of the stripes is also important, the wider the stripes and stronger the contrast, the more pronounced the effect will be. So if you are short like me but desperately want to wear horizontal stripes, my advice is to keep the stripes small and not in contrasting colours (try black and grey instead of black and white), Also try to only wearing on a small area (perhaps a shortish vest top).

Stripe Cowl Neck Top

Stripe Bustier Top

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