Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Ready to wear is so last year

I was very very excited to discover a website where you can design your own shoes. This is just one of my most exciting discoveries so far this year. Whats more they don't even cost an arm and a leg (perhaps just a finger or two). I think this is just a brilliant idea and I could of spend hours designing myself a whole shoe collection. Ideal for shoes that are unique, matched to your outfit or a statement shoes that make everyone look.
Here are two of my designs.

This stripey shoe would look really stylish with a navy dress and some red accessories to fit in with this seasons nautical and stripes trend.

This shoe is quite outrageous and probably not something I would usually wear, but would add a bit of fun to the classic black trousers and white shirt combo.
The best thing is that if you combine a pair of shoes designed by you for you with a dress from Style Shake (Previously blogged about last year). You have a one of a kind completely unique and bespoke outfit.


susie_bubble said...

This is a pretty cool concept...except I have hear many horror stories regarding Steve Madden shoes...


Love the shoes!!