Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Girl Power

I am noticing lately how much women are setting the pace in the fashion designer world. Whilst there have always been some very influential fashion designers and there still continue to many very influential male designers, the girls really seem to be making their mark in the previously male dominated industry. Its great to see this and I think as with many other male dominated industries the girls have a lot to offer - perhaps it is an all together more practical view of fashion borne from the experience of wearing women's clothes that the men (well most of them) have never had. Their clothes are beautiful, imaginative and yet very wearable. As a working mum, practicality and wearability is always at the forefront of my mind when considering and commenting on fashion and I have in previous post commented on the unwearability of many fashions. I think its great that designers have such great imagination and creativity but translating their clothes into beautiful wearable clothes is a skill perhaps some have yet to master.

The girls are proving their worth on a world scale with the likes of Rosanda Illincic, Erin Fetherstone, Sophia Kokosalaki, the Mulleavy Sisters (Rodarte), Miuiccia Prada, Stella McCartney and newly appointed Alessandra Facchinetti for Valentino, acting as real inspiration for any budding female designers.

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