Friday, 14 March 2008

Greek Goddess Style Dresses

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It hasn't escaped my notice that there were some really gorgeous greek goddess style dresses on the catwalk for spring summer 08. There is something really beautiful and elegant about this style of dress. Perhaps it is the asymmetry or the way the fabrics drape so beautifully. My favourite is definitely the amazing white Versace dress - not something I would ever have the occasion to wear and not hugely practical but definitely something for me to dream about. I think it would make an amazing alternative wedding dress for a wedding in a hot climate. Back to reality, there are some great greek goddess dresses available which are much more suited to my budget and lifestyle.

Halterneck Jersey Dress

Paris Dress


Anonymous said...

I just bought a Suzy Chin "greek style", v- neck, empire waist sleeveless, street length dress to wear to wedding. The color is Iris, a vibrant violet. I'm wondering how to accessorize this. Any suggestions?

Style Eyes said...

I would suggest keeping it really simple with a silver or gold pendant style necklace that follows the V neck.

rose said...

I like your blog