Thursday, 6 March 2008

Jump for Joy

I see jumpsuits, all in ones, or play suits (what ever they are called) are back in fashion this year. There is something I really love about these all in one suits. They are just so easy. When I wake up slightly late of a morning and then have to wash my hair, sponge the remnants of last nights school dinners off my 5 year olds school cardigan and wash sterilise and make up a load of baby bottles, make pack lunches for the family, make and eat breakfast, clear up and load the dishwasher, scrape the ice off the car before getting children to school and nursery on time and then me to work on time. I find choosing and co ordinating an outfit to wear is just too much to cope with at this time of day. I know I should choose the outfit the day before and then all I have to do is put it on but I'm not really into planning this far in advance and anyway my evening routine is similarly hectic so i run into the same issues. This is where the all in one suit really comes into its own, no coordination needed, no thought needed except perhaps what accessories and shoes to wear.

There is also a certain practicality about an all in one suit. Probably why they are so great for dressing children in. No problem with top riding up or trousers riding down and showing off half of your backside. Many mums will identify with these problems when carrying, playing with and sorting out young children. I can see why they are called play suits as if one were to wish to play in them they would be just perfect giving the wearer a real sense of freedom.

With so man different styles of all in one suit from sporty to dressy, I am considering getting a whole wardrobe full so I have one for every possible occasion.

I think this Emma Cook black and white striped jumpsuit would be great for everday work wear perhaps accessorised with a lovely scarf and some wedge heels.

This denim all in one is great for casual wear and is a great way to wear this seasons seventies trend.
This black all in one is the perfect look for a night out teamed with some killer heels and a glam clutch.

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susie_bubble said...

I never understood why ppl are so scared of the jumpsuit/all-in-one... I agree with you...they are so easy to wear!