Tuesday, 18 March 2008

My Shopping Spree

Last week I went shopping to get myself some new clothes to prepare myself for my return to work after 9 months of maternity leave. I had great plans about the bags of shopping I would return home with however in the end I returned with one small bag. Yes that is it, one small bag. I could not find anything else in the shops I liked. Perhaps it is that in between time where the spring and summer clothes are not quite on full display yet, perhaps it is because having spent so much time looking at Spring Summer clothes on the internet the ranges in the shops were just not enough to satisfy me.

After my failure of a shopping trip I decided to a spot of online shopping instead and see if I could get what I wanted. Here's what I got:-

An embroidered scarf from Oasis. It even has charms on it and jingles. I will wear this with cream, pink and khaki t shirts and jeans either around my neck or around my waist.
A pair of Sydney Stretch double button jeans for days when I am working from home. I am really fed up with skinny jeans now. These jeans were only £22 from Littlewoods, but fitted so well I am considering getting another pair in a different colour.

I love a bit of colour and all the floral prints about this summer, yellow is also one of my favourite colours so I couldn't resist this Ichi top.

I got some really nice quality tops from Laura Ashley, fairly plain but great for accessorising with scarves.

OK, it's not really much of a spending spree and I didn't get much in the way of work wear, neither is it really exciting or original stuff. But I managed to get some everyday stuff that I can wear when I am working from home and managed not to buy loads of going out clothes that virtually never get worn. Perhaps I will try going to the shops again in a few months when they have got a bit more summer stuff.

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susie_bubble said...

That's a pretty cool scarf from Oasis... must pop in there some time...