Saturday, 29 March 2008

She Cried for Rain All Summer Long

An unsually and uncharacteristically interesting title for todays post. Well actually, it is not something I thought up myself but the name of the SS08 collection for Chelsea Rebelle . The collection is just as interesting as the name. There is definitely a strong sixties and seventies influence with mini dresses, baby dolls, fringed tops and seventies style kaftans but the clothes are also very modern and classic pieces at the same time.

Collections of the label Chelsea Rebelle have already been featured on Style Bubble, Style Bytes and Nylon Magazine amongst others but it is still a very new up and coming name and has I think got some great potential. The name Chelsea Rebelle was chosen by designer Sarah Brannon as it is the name of the main character in a song "new wave girl" by these animal men with Rebelle spelt in the French way as it sounded more feminine than the English.

The designer moved to London after starting her career in Auckland before moving to San Fransisco then LA , where the label Chelsea Rebelle was born. I love the photos for SS08 with the DIY looking photos and slightly retro backdrops. It gives me a kind of nostalgic feel, it kind of reminded me of when I was a little girl - not that I was a little girl in the sixties, it was well past mid seventies when I was a little girl. I love the dresses simple but a little quirky with great big bows and bright accessories. They take inflences from both America and Londons Mods and Rockers and Britpop scenes.

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