Thursday, 6 March 2008

Something That Cat Dragged In

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Alexander McQueens collections are always something of a talking point. So today I thought I would talk about his Spring Summer 08 collection. I can't deny he is an amazing designer and has produced some remarkable clothes and this collection was no exception in its beautiful tailoring, draping and couture like details. But I can't help feeling slightly on edge with his choice of the bird theme. I love feathers as adornment for clothes and I think they add a luxurious opulent feel to any outfit. Alexander McQueen took this one step further by using the whole wings of birds. I appreciate that Alexander McQueen is known for trying to challenge perceptions but this is one perception I don't want challenged. These dresses remind me of birds that have been killed by my cat and then dragged through the catflap- not a pleasant thought! I apologise if you love these dresses and this mental imagery has now ruined them for you.

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