Friday, 14 March 2008

What is Style?

Yesterday I wrote an article for The article was entitled What is Style? Here is some of the article, the whole article is on if you would like to read on.

Style is something we talk about a lot. Who has it, Who doesn't have it, How we can get it. I think style is something that is very personal and as with anything it is all about an individuals perception. There are some people though who have unarguably got style in almost every ones eyes. So what is style and how do we get it?

I don't by any means profess to know everything about style. I think that style is defined by a persons identity, it tells you a little about them and who they are. Style is not about how much someone spends on clothes or whether they wear designer clothes, it is not about whether they are in fashion or their clothes are on trend, it is not about whether they have the figure of a super model. These things can of course go hand in hand with style but equally often they do not. Take for example a dedicated follower of fashion who always buys the latest look as soon as it appears in the shops regardless of whether it suits her. Style is about looking effortless, comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. It is not just about what you wear, it is about how you wear it.

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