Friday, 4 April 2008

Bloggers Dictionary

Since starting writing this blog in November 07. I hope that I have improved my style of writing and began to make my posts more interesting and informative. I am feeling particularly pleased with myself for getting rated on as 8.6 out of 10 based on frequency of updates, relevance of content, site design, and writing style. This is not as good as some of my fellow fashion bloggers have achieved but then it is a lot better than others.

I realise that I often use a lot of similar words and that when it comes to describing clothes or designer collections I often find myself using the terms practical, wearable, feminine, unique, something a bit different and flattering. Perhaps this is because these are the key attributes I look for in clothes. In an attempt to make my posts even more interesting, I have been reading loads of blogs, magazines and articles. Here are some of the words I have come up with that are probably some of the most commonly used fashionable fashion words and their dictionary definitions.

Diaphanous - meaning characterised by such fineness of texture as to permit seeing through
Frothy - meaning full of or consisting of froth or gaily frivolous or light in content or treatment
Frou Frou - meaning a rustling especially of a woman's skirts, showy or frilly ornamentation
Whimsical - lightly fanciful
Sartorial - of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes; broadly : of or relating to clothes
channelling - to convey or direct into or through a channel
confection - a work of fine or elaborate craftsmanship

I'm not sure why but these words just make me laugh. Perhaps I should also work on my spelling, I'm afraid sometimes spellchecking just doesn't cross my mind.


Poster Girl said...

Frou frou makes me laugh. I like frothy, reminds me of hot chocolate or coffee. And diaphonous is one of my favorites, although I rarely use it.

susie_bubble said...

I use quite a lot of superfluous vocab.... I do like to mix it up a little with the writing though.... otherwise, I end up boring myself...