Monday, 21 April 2008

Here Comes the Sun

I know this may be wishful thinking and we are perhaps a long way from summer but If I keep thinking it then perhaps it will happen. Once the first ray of summer sun pops out from behind that cloud, I will be getting out my sunnies without delay. These days whilst still an incredibly important accessory and style statement my sunglasses have to perform an equally important function by shielding my eyes from the sun and helping to prevent crows feet.

I just love wearing sunglasses. They make me feel smart, sophisticated and quite mysterious. Each summer, I have the big decision to make which style to get. This summer there is no shortage of choice. Anything goes as long as they are statement and get you noticed from over sized to undersized to brightly coloured and with lots of details. Here are some of my faves.

These Brown Simone Sunglasses by Tom Ford are very this season.

These vintage metal frame sunglasses are gorgeous and very affordable at only £10 from Dotty p's

These red retro sunglasses are just the ones to wear on days I want to get noticed. I love them.


susie_bubble said...

The vintage Diors are very cool...

Britt Marie said...

Love the red shades!