Sunday, 25 May 2008

Blooming Feet

Whilst I wouldn't class New Look as one of my favourite shops of all time, they do occasionally manage to through up a little gem or two. Especially in the shoe department. Just when I though I had done this seasons florals to death and couldn't possibly do any more, I have found some shoes that mean I can even apply the trend to my blooming feet (If you will excuse the pun). These gorgeous floral shoes are great for brightening up a plain colour shift dress or little black dress. My favourite is the very ladylike black court. For the very brave these lovely shoes could very cleverly and carefully combined with a floral print dress.

Floral Print Wedges

Floral Print Court Shoe

Floral Print Peep Toe


Designer Clothing said...

those shoes really are high...

fitflop said...

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