Tuesday, 6 May 2008

FitFlops - Is keeping fit really that easy?

Yesterday I booked my summer holiday. Here begins my pre summer bikini panic. With only a few months to go before I am sunning myself around the swimming pool in my bikini, I need to get in shape fast. Apparently (and this must have completely passed me by), fitflops were the top way to tone up legs last year. They simulate an uneven walking surface which challenges core calf, thigh and butt muscles to maintain control while you walk . They were mentioned in The Times in May last year and the Daily Mail in June last year and of course got very mixed feedback from how incredibly comfy to how incredibly uncomfy they were but no real mention of whether they worked. So not completely sold on their leg toning ability, I have decided to give them a go on the basis that if there is a chance I will look better in my bikini then it must be worth it. I did think to myself about the awful trend for crocs and whether it was really worth sacrificing style for toned legs and comfort, but actually Fitflops look quite nice in a sporty kind of way. They even have fringed, sparkly, snakeskin and gladiator styles. I like the Navy Walkstar ones and whilst not a huge style statement, they are not bad at all for around the house or walking the children to school and very reasonably priced too.

I have mine on order from Sweaty Betty (they are also available from Ugs and Kisses) I will be wearing them every day for the school walk to see if they really work. I will keep you posted on the results but I'm afraid I will not be doing before or after pictures.

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