Friday, 23 May 2008

Needle Phobia

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Saira Hunjan celebrity tattooist and founder of the The Family Business creates beautiful works of art on skin. She is responsible for the swallow tattoo on Kate Moss's back. Born in south London to a traditional Asian family, as a child she drew designs for her grandmother to use when decorating her hands with henna . Her designs are an eclectic mix of Catholic and Hindu iconography. They are feminine with beautiful colours and created with an amazing amount of creative talent. She gets inspirations from vintage American Sailor tattoos, pinup motifs and Mexican day of the dead, amongst other things. As entranced as I am by her beautiful tattoos, I'm not sure I could ever undergo the needle. The whole irreversibility of a tattoo (even ones as beautiful as this) really scares me.

Luckily for the Squeamish types like myself, Saira can apply her skills to fashion when she chooses. She has designer T shirts for Luella Bartley and she has also collaborated with milliner, Yasmin Rizvi, for London Fashion Week's On/Off exhibition. Now she is launching her own label Gypsy Devi will have lots of my favourite accessory - scarves, featuring Saira's designs. Saira will also be collaborating with jewellery designer Johnny Rocket, jeweller to Julien Macdonald for Swarsovski Rocks this summer, in a project to create her designs in jewels to be put on the skin. I can't wait I do love a bit of bling.

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