Thursday, 15 May 2008

Resort 2009 - Christian Dior

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Now, I fear I may be getting a bit ahead of myself or actually a lot ahead of myself by daring to look at the resort 2009 collections. This is the name given to the collection that comes out before the full spring / summer collection comes out. Whilst I have spent plenty of time pondering, researching and buying my clothes for summer 2008, I have barely had a chance to wear them yet with just a mere week or two of fleeting sunshine so am I yet ready to move onto next summer. Well actually I love summer and I suppose there would be nothing wrong with wearing some of next years trends this year- would there?

So here it is Christian Dior had a gorgeous resort collection for 2009. Full of satins in bright fuschia pinks and lime greens, yellows and whites. Colour was a key theme with ruffles and kaftans, Capri pants and sheer layers. Big bold jewellry, dangly earrings and jewel embellishment was key to the look. I loved the bright and happy palette used by Galliano. The styles were not a million miles away from this years resort collection and were defintely in keeping with a lot of this seasons trends but with clothes as gorgeous as this who cares.

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