Tuesday, 27 May 2008

SATC Fashion

With this being a fashion blog, I couldn't let the SATC film pass by without a mention. For me and many others the fashion has always been more important than the program and this is why I will be going to see the film.

Sex and the city has a style for everyone (well everyone who has a small fortune to spend on clothes that is). There is Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker who has a unique look which ranges from girly and feminine to sex kitten. Her style can be created by mixing designer clothes with vintage finds and teaming with stilletos (preferably Manolos). Samantha, played by Kim Catrall has a strong feminine style with bright colours. Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis has a preppy look that is femine and cute with accessories like bows and proper handbags. Lastly Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon is a definite power dresser with a wardrobe full of androgynous and corporate suits. Sex and the City has had such a huge influence on fashion, it is hard to find anyone without some SATC basics in their wardrobe including stilletos and ‘it’ bags.

Carrie and her friends are styled by a team of fashionistas who select up to 50 outfits for every show. But here are some budget options for SATC fashion fans.

Dress in the Style of Sex and the City

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