Friday, 27 June 2008

Daisy Lowe - Foot focus

I very rarely, if ever blog about celeb fashion. Maybe it is because I often can't really see anything special about what they are wearing (other than being expensive and designer). But I do love Daisy Lowe's style and think she could give Kate Moss a run for her money in the style stakes. But what is it I love about her eclectic style. Its the way she manages to wear what she likes and still holds the whole look together. How does she do this? well perhaps she has been reading Style Bubble, perhaps it is just because she is an uber cool model. No I think it is all to do with her feet. Studying some photos of her, I have noticed that she almost always manages to make a style statement with her feet.

Check out the 'look at me' red shoes in this picture with her equally cool partner Mark Ronson.

Daisy is making a very brave style statement that few would dare attempt with white shoes and black tights - but I think she pulls it off really well.

Footless tights and strapless sandals give this gorgeous cocktail dress a rock chic edge.

Daisy works the prim and proper look with red bows on her shoes.

Daisy sports signature statement red shoes again

The grey knee socks really finish off this gorgeous outfit - I would try this look myself if only I had the legs for it.
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i think thats hauttte said...

ohmygoodness, new inspiration/girl crush! haha

susie_bubble said...

Gah...was so jealous when I saw her wearing the teacup heels...she annoys me ever so slightly but I can't fault her style....oh, and I very much doubt she reads my blog...