Sunday, 29 June 2008

Lil Bow Peep

I have not really seen much in the way of bows since the days of the Fergie bow (remember those), I noticed a bit of a trend lately for hair bows, which I quite liked for their preppiness. For Autumn Winter 08, the bow takes on a whole new slant. It is part of the overall structure of the outfit. It gives the neckline a whole new interesting shape drawing the eyes up the neck and face.
This cute dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs is made even more girly by the neat bow at the neckline.

This gorgeous red satin dress by Christian Lacroix is enhanced by the big bow that almost merges with the draping of the material in the dress. The colour texture and shape of this dress is just so rich and decadent.

This outfit by Eley Kishimoto includes two bows a small contrasting pink bow at the neck giving it a slightly comical qualaity and a larger bow in the same material as the jacket around the shoulders and neckline.

A huge floppy purple bow at John Galliano makes for an eclectic and eye catching outfit.

The whole of this top at Lanvin consists of a bow but a very interesting looking bow with lots of folds and creases in the material.

At Behnaz Sarapour, I love the effect of the silver sparklng bow against the sparkly purple lurex.

At Marni a contrasting bow at the neck was in contrast to the muted pale pink of the rest of the dress, a very lady like look.

If you want to get this look from the high street, here are some key items to look for, I love the prom dress.

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