Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Sun tan clothing

Extreme apologies for my lack of posting recently. Apart from the usual business stuff, I have been busy browsing the internet looking for a summer holiday. If the weather so far this year is anything to go buy I think I will be in desparate need of a bit of sunshine.
I have now booked my holiday, new passport has been ordered and insurance sorted. There is only one thing left to do in preparation for my holiday and that is a spot of summer holiday shopping. This year as I am going somewhere very hot, I will be travelling light. I am vowing not to take the usual suitcase full of everything that would prepare me for every concievable eventuality. So this years holiday shopping will be for some versatile, easy to pack, easy to wash outfits that also look great with a tan and doesn't cost too much as I will probably only wear for 2 weekd of the year. As I have dark hair and tan really easily (although I avoid frying myself at all cost) - I have found yellows, pale turquoise and blues, black and white and bright pinks, corals and reds work best. Here are a few of my finds - More to come tomorrow when I have a bit more time.

I love this crinkle sun dress for wearing around in the day, by the beach and the pool. It looks really bright and happy and I expect it feels really comfy to wear.

This cream cotton and lace tiered dress will look great with some chunky beads and bangles and I won't feel guilty if I only wear it once on holiday as it only costs £14 - bargain.

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