Monday, 28 July 2008

Collar me beautiful

I know a horrendous title for a post! High necks and frilly collars are going to be a big thing for autmn and winter. I have spotted them all over the place in various different forms. From lace, to frilly and ruffled to fur and beaded collars and high necks are everywhere. I love the vintage / antique feel that they add to an outfit.

At Alexander McQueen, the high neck and embroidery adds a prim and proper feel to this victorian style dress.

At Zac Posen- the collar is so sheer you can hardly see it but it adds some delicate detail to this very delicate looking dress.

At Givenchy the nude coloured dress has lots of detail and shape. The beaded high collar adds to the antique feel of the outfit but the short skirt balances the look to give it a hint of sexiness.

At Jil Sanders collars were high in an architectural sort of way.

At Marc Jacobs, another neutral coloured dress is brought to life by this sparking collar that matches the cuffs. Another collar that really contrasts with the overall look of the outfit.

The big choice is whether to buy myself some lovely clothes with feature high neck collars or do I get an add on collar that I can wear with all sort of outfits and use to update last years wardrobe or perhaps a bit of both.

Whatever, I love this collar that I found on Dawanda

and this one on Etsy

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