Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Fashion No Mans Land

I am feeling in a bit of a fashion no mans land with Vogue and Elle encouraging me to move on to Autumn Winter clothes and Look and the like still tempting me with lots of lovely summer stuff. With the weather being as it is this year, I have had very little wear out of my summer clothes. I still have a beautiful cream chiffon dress for ASOS premium in the wardrobe with tags unremoved. I have been wanting to wear the dress but the weather has never been warm enough or my legs tanned enough.

So do I completely give up on summer this year and move on to Autumn Winter clothes? I just don't feel ready to give up on summer and I do still have my summer holiday which I hope will give me 2 weeks of almost definite sunshine. So with this in mind here some great bikinis I have got in the sales for my hols. As they are reduced I don't feel guilty that I will only be wearing them for 2 weeks, it is a very important 2 weeks (the only sun I will probably get this year).

Ondademar Shanghai Bikini This bikini fits perfectly as the top and bottoms are adjustable. I love the mixture of floral pattern and spots.

Salinas Melinda Bikini This bikini looks itsy bitsy but is actually really flattering. It is Rio cut to make your bum look great. Again its is adjustable and will look great with a tan.

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