Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Having spent most of my teenage years in a grunge phase. I would never have expected to be contemplating this look again, especially as a grown up and not quite middle aged thirty something. But I am indeed contemplating the grunge look again with relish, all be it a slightly more luxe and polished grunge than the first time round.

I guess the whole attraction of the grunge look (back in the days) was its complete ease of wear, relaxedness and comfortability which would actually suit my life style as a working mum perfectly. I blame the revival of my youth for Autumn Winter 08 on Burberry Prorsum and Luella, but can't wait to try out this great grungy new look.

Burberry Prorsum


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Poster Girl said...

I can't wait, too. Perhaps I'll start with a knit beanie, scuffed boots, or a plaid shirt.