Sunday, 20 July 2008

Lots of Lace

There is one absolute certainty for Autumn Winter 08- Lace is going to be everywhere. It was everywhere on the catwalk and will be everywhere on the high street. What I love about lace is its variety of designs and the interest that can be added by layering with other fabrics. It is both seductive and classic at the same time.

At Sophia Kokolaskia the lace like patterned chiffon dress is romantic and sexy. I love the pattern running down the dress.

This dress from Chanel is amn interesting design. The lace also has a great texture.

At Givenchy - The alce had a definite gothic style with this mini dress having a lace cross on the top section. The whole look was given a slightly more casual feel with teh boots and long black scarf.

Temperley London- Innocent white lace was contrasted with skinny black leather trousers and a black chained belt.

I love the delicate design in this lace dress from Stella McCartney. I also love the way it hangs off one shoulder.

The Prada collection for Autumn Winter 08 was full of lace. The big white pants underneath were an interesting effect!

At Luella lace worked brilliantly with the gothic look.

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