Thursday, 3 July 2008

Tartan Overload

For Autumn and winter 09/09 D&G have gone Tartan mad. We all love a bit of tartan and historically it has been a recurring theme in fashion. This time D&G have piled tartan upon tartan and teamed it with just about every pattern possible. Yippee I love it- I'm not saying I would ever have the nerve to wear some of these wacky combinations, but I love them none the less. I have even spotted a glossy magazine with a D&G advert featuring tartan with Leopard skin print. Could there be two more argumentative patterns than that?

Tartan with paisley

Tartan with velvet

Tarta with spots and flowers
Tartan with checks

Tartan with Argyle

Tartan with Tartan

But my favourite of all of the tartan was the Maxi dresses in tartan chiffon (there really is no getting away from the maxi)

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