Saturday, 9 August 2008

A Winter Favourite - The Polo Neck

I am glad to see the return this Autumn / Winter of one of my favourite items - The Polo Neck. I love it because it is so warm, familiar and comforting a bit like the clothing equivalnet of a roast dinner and sheperds pie. The Polo neck is a great way to wear next seasons minamalist look and is also great for layering and really easy to accesorise, it also goes with almost anything.
At Yves St Laurent the Polo neck was worn with almost everything including skirts, dresses and suits for a gothic take on the minimalist look.

The Polo Neck was made for Jil Sanders classic minimalist look.

At Prada flesh coloured Polo Necks were worn with almost all of the black outfits giving them an extra layer of warmth aswell as an air of mystery.
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The perfect polo neck jumper is as thin as possible to avoid too much bulk when layering like this classic style from M & S.

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susie_bubble said...

Glad I have the polo neck thing down...