Sunday, 21 September 2008

London the Fashion Capital

I love London fashion week. There is something about the designers that show at London Fashion week, something that I love. Perhaps it is just their Britishness. I am not quite sure how to describe what I mean by Britishness, perhaps something to do with their innovation, quirkiness but also down to earth wearability. London is a great place for spotting up and coming talent, but I'm afraid this season I have been a little laxidasical in my coverage of London fashion week on Style Eyes. I have been a little self indulgent in just observing and enjoying the delights that London Fashion week has to offer and have been wondering if I have anything to add to the myriad of accounts and reviews of the shows.

I have of course done some work and writing over the last week with my comments and reviews of Luella, Topshop Unique and Christopher Kane.

There was so much to enjoy at London fashion week but these three were probably the ones that jumped out at me and that I really enjoyed and felt a connection with. This post is meant in some way as an apology for my very poor coverage of London fashion week this time round - I know a very poor excuse!

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