Sunday, 7 September 2008

Smart Casual with a Holiday Tummy

I was just easing myself back into work mode after my 2 week holiday when I remembered that I start on a 12 day training course next week (dress code smart casual). The whole dress code thing always worries me slightly incase I get it completely wrong. I usually opt to dress up a bit more so that I never end up underdressed but following 2 weeks of overindudgance on sangria, tapas and icecream, my suits are feeling a little on the tight side.

Whilst rifling through my wardrobe in a state of panic I came across a skirt that I bought in Dorothy Perkins whilst on an emergency passport mission in Newport, South Wales, a few days before going on holiday - problem solved! On trying on the skirt I discovered it also has the added advantage of holiday in my holiday tummy and showing off my sun tanned legs (that is if I can bare to go out without tights). I will be wearing it with 2 tops layered for extra warmth.

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