Friday, 24 October 2008

Adidas by Stella McCartney Wintersport Recco Jacket and Stylish Ski Wear

adidas by Stella McCartney Wintersport Recco Jacket

The ski season has arrived. I couldn't wait to see what lovely ski wear is available for this winter. I love the adidas Stella McCartney range and it is now available. My favourite ski jacket is the adidas by Stella McCartney Wintersport Recco Jacket It is cool (and warm) the ultimate in understated chic for the slopes and very functional.

Fur Ear Snug

Fur Ear Snug

Direct Descent Ski Suit

Avalanche Ski Cape

For those who want to really get noticed on the slopes there is a plently of other options. The key trend for ski wear this year being Dr Zhivago meets retro seventies style down hill racers. I love the big furry hats, all in in one suits and this very stylish cape (not sure how practical but great for apres ski)


hrose said...

that ski cape is divine.
can you imagine how fabulous it would be to ski in that? a-ma-zing.
great finds!

Juliet said...

I would say that I'd Looove to get the Stella jacket.

juliet xxx

MR style said...

the cape is awesome

Jennythenipper said...

I like the new Stella recco jacket, but last year's which was fashioned like a trench coat was better. Stella is the mad genius of sportswear.