Tuesday, 7 October 2008

British Style Genius

I have just finished watched the first part of the BB2 5 part series British Style Genius. A really interesting programme looking at how British highs street fashion has evolved and the influence of all sorts of things such as historical brands like Biba and Ossie Clark, vintage fashion and celebrity collaborations namely Topshop and Kate Moss. Perhaps it is just my patriotism but I definitely think the Brits have got a more innovative approach to fashion than many other countries - Just read Susie Bubbles experiences at Paris fashion week for evidence of this.

I was really interested to see how much involvement Kate Moss had in the collection as I kind of imagined it was very little perhaps a few quick telephone calls. Of course it may have been faked for the cameras but I am fairly satisfied that she had a significant input to the collection. As they said on the programme she is no fashion designer but she never claims to be. She is more of a trendsetter, stylist, someone with a talent for picking out and combining clothes. Hmm the clothes don't really suit me though as I'm no Kate Moss.

Well the BBC have really hyped this programme up, but I actually found it very interesting and can't wait to watch the next one.

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