Sunday, 9 November 2008

Hetty Rose Shoes - A Colourful Bouquet

hetty rose shoes I love shoes but don't often post about them. Today I wanted to post about some beautiful, colourful and original shoes that would look perfect with a dress in a bright primary colour dress. These shoes remind me of school art classes, when I was completely unreserved in using as many bright colours to cover my sheet of paper as possible. However since then, I have become more and more cautious with my use of colour. Whilst I have not problem wear a bright red, pink or yellow dress (which is braver than some) and I quite like wearing bold patterns that combine maybe 2 or 3 colours (usually 1 bright and 2 more neutral), I very rarely wear combinations of lots of bright colours.

Being petite, I have conditioned myself to choose clothes really carefully opting for stuff that flatters me and doesn't over power me too much. That is the beauty of these shoes, apart from the heels which will definitely make me look taller, they allow me to wear a uniform but brightly coloured dress with opaque tights (perhaps in the same colour) which flatters me but also add a bit of fun and energy to the outfit.

These handmade shoes by Hetty Rose are created using vintage Japanese kimono fabrics so not only are these shoes gorgeously creative but they are also made in a sustainable way. They are quite pricey, but then you can't put a price on perfection, can you?

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Stevie said...

so digging this. WOW.. I would kill to have those shoes-- but then be so afraid to damage them by wearing them. beautiful fashion art. YUM..
where to buy in the US?