Saturday, 8 November 2008

Extravagent Excess

I have been reading in my latest copy of Vogue, the great debate of maximalism versus minimalism. With minimalism being the look created by an outfit that has no adornment, accessories or pattern instead it created interest using strong silhouettes and Sharp tailoring as seen this season at Calvin Klein, Balenciaga and Yves St Laurent. Whilst I love minimalism (especially in my house) and the calm, relaxed feel it creates, when it comes to dressing, minimalism is not a look that I very often wear.

The look that I chose to wear is really about how I feel each day. I tend to feel busy and energetic most of the time so my clothes tend to have a busy and energetic feel about them. This comes from the brightly coloured patterns and tonnes of accessories that I tend to wear. There is another very important reason for me not really getting on with the whole minimalist look. This look is all about cut and shape, something that is really only evident in well made expensive clothes. Without spending a small fortune on clothes, I think it is difficult to do the minimalist look well without just looking christian lacroix extravagent excesslike you haven't made an effort. With the minimalist look everything has to be perfect and in place, the fact that I haven't been to the hairdressers for a while (quite a while actually) or have got a bit crumpled and creased sitting in the car will be painfully evident with the minimalist look. Unless you look perfect and polished, there is distinct danger that people will think that you just couldn't be bothered at all.

I love the look of extravagant excess. Christian Lacroix is the masters of this look. His autumn winter 08 collection combined bright patterns with embroidery, puffs, pouffes and ruffles of fabric, lace, applique and metallic fabrics in a look that exudes personality and confidence. As a petite, I have to be little bit careful about too much extravagant excess but I just can't help adding just one more colour or accessory.
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