Monday, 17 November 2008

House of Nyla

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Whilst researching an assignment that I am writing on virtual fashion and fashion on Second Life , I came across House of Nyla, a Canadian Company with designs by Nyla who specialises in couture beadwork, embroidery, draping, tailoring and couture pattern making. The company caught my eye because they use Second Life for marketing, public relations and brand building. I won't say anything further about this as I may well post my assignment once it is completed (depending on the grade I get). This post is really about the clothes and accessories which I think are worthy of mention, no matter how they are marketed.

House of Nyla produces some very eye catching dresses, which they describe as "not for the timid or faint of heart, they are for the woman who loves to be the center of attention, the Star of the show". I think they are really theatrical and great for a night out clubbing. The colours and luxurious materials combined with attention to detail make the dresses really stand out and for me they felt almost Galliano like in their flamboyancy and decadence.
A handmade cotton crochet gown, a Dupioni Silk Corset Dress with Swarovski beadwork and embroidery and a dress made with over 35,000 individually strung beads, were some of the delights that I found on their website. There were some really unusual accessories including crystal encrusted mini silk top hats and beaded cloche hats that would look great with an evening dress. Like they said - not for the faint hearted but perfect for those who really like to make a sartorial statement.

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