Thursday, 20 November 2008

Peter Pilotto - More interesting twisting and draping

peter pilotto autumn winter 08/09

peter pilotto autumn winter 08
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Interesting draping and winding of fabric into clean minimalist lines with a twist seems to be becoming a bit of a trend for SS09. A day or two ago I posted about the amazing collection of Rick Owens in Nuns on the Run. Today I am going to post about the SS09 collection of Peter Pilotto. Some of the pieces were similar in their understated attraction but also quite different and really unique. It was not all minimalist. But it was the minimalist stuff the caught my eye which is quite a surprise for a girl who usually likes to pile on plenty of pattern and fuss. The dresses were folded and draped so cleverly and I couldn't help thinking that the asymmetrical lines would be amazingly flattering and slimming. For me these clothes just don't need any additional fuss or patterns, they are perfect as they are.

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