Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Nuns on the Run

pictures from Rick Owen Spring Summer 09, http://www.style.com/

At first the Rick Owens Spring Summer collection struck me as a bit odd and quite plain and minimalist. But take away the weird amphibious footwear and nuns on the run(way) head wear and the collection is actually something quite amazing. Whilst the lines were clean and the colours all black and dark grey, the designs were far from minimalist in terms of interest. I think Rick Owens, who is famous for his distressed leather jackets and rock star wear, is really onto a winner with this collection.

The interesting point of this collection is the shapes that he managed to create with the garments by twisting, winding and draping the fabric around the body but still managing to keep a sophisticated, stylish, streamlined and amazingly wearable look. These are the sorts of clothes that people will be compelled to take another look at to realise their couture like qualities. The collection got better as it went on and by the end, I had found many clothes that I desperately want.

You can buy Rick Owens clothes at Start London

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