Monday, 10 November 2008

Swishing - it's the new shopping

I'm afraid I'm a bit slow on the uptake again. I have only just discovered swishing, although I know it has been around for ages. I actually found out about it whilst watching Twiggy's Frock Exchange on BBC2 in October. For those who missed it or are even slower on the uptake than me, swishing is the swapping of good quality clothes, that you don't want but someone else will love. I love the idea of a swishing party where you can take along an item or two and come home with something lovely that looks great on you. I think swishing parties are likely to become really popular, they are frugal, environmentally friendly and sociable.

In pursuit of further information on swishing, I resorted to one of my favourite activities googling. I came across some really interesting sites. Retro Chick has a great post on swishing and in September the Daily Mail featured an article, recycle your way to a swish new wardrobe extolling the eco virtues of swishing. There is even a website purely dedicated to swishing including photos and dates of swishing events.

As excited as I am about the whole swishing phenomenon that is about to sweep the UK, I feel that it is a probably something that will only work for me on a large scale. Inviting a few friends for a swishing party is unlikely to produce anything that will fit me as I am one of the shortest people I know. Swishing parties also are likely to be big in London but harder to find and less frequent in areas like the South West or outside of the main cities. Perhaps my next little project will be arranging some large scales swishing parties in my local area. For now I may have to be content with a bit of virtual swishing, perhaps using one of the new clothes swapping sites that seem to be popping up. I love Whats Mine is Yours, which reports to have seen a 33% increase in the number of swaps over the last 3 months- evidence that this swapping thing is really taking off.

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