Monday, 29 December 2008

Cool Copper

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copper rings

copper jewellery
Copper rings by Angelique from Munique Fashions

One of my new years resolutions is to bit more adventurous with my clothes and accessories. Colour is definitely one of the areas where I could be more adventurous. Some days, I do really well with lots of bright pinks or even yellows. Other days are more like a bad hair day for me and I feel a mess. On these days I tend to revert to wearing black, purely for it's slimming effect. On these days I pledge to make more of an effort and where all else fails to cheer myself up with some bright and cheery accessories.
I found these different and cool copper rings which would be ideal for those days that I can't bear to wear anything but black, but need a bit of colour in my life. I used to wear my cocktail ring but I am getting a bit bored with that and these are much more funky.

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